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Sites Visited 

February 26th--Woodson Academy

February 28th-Folsom Elementary

February 28th-Lamb Elementary 

March 7th-Barnes and Noble Book Signing

May 5th-Book Launch for More Than Words

May 21st-Winthrop Academy

July 9th-Daytime Morning Show Segment

July 16th-Morning Blend Morning Show Segment

August 10th-Barnes and Noble Book Signing

September 10th-Hawthorne Village of Brandon

September 10th-Plato Academy (Bradenton)

September 19th-Plato Academy (Palm Harbor)

September 24th-Young Middle Magnet School

September 26th-Snively Elementary

October 5th-Turner Bartels K-8

October 8th-Plato Academy (Tampa)

October 9th-Writing Workshop Riverview

October 15th-Plato Academy (Tampa)

October 23rd-New Springs Elementary 

October 28th-Hugh Embry Public Library

October 17th-Sleepy Hill Elementary

November 14th-Woodmont Elementary

November 14th-Bridgeprep K-8

November 21st-Sheehy Elementary

November 21st-Kenly Elementary

November 21st-Alifia Elementary

November 21st-Brooker Elementary

November 19th-Janie Howard Elementary

December 17th-Lithia Springs Elementary 

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