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Author Visit programs



40 min. 2nd-6th grade

How does a story in your head become a book that can be purchased and checked out from a library? I was always fascinated with children books. I loved reading them and scanning the pictures over and over again! In this presentation I’ll talk about how I came to do what I do today, my writing process, and how you get a book published. Kids will see what a manuscript looks like from a messy first draft, to a typed page covered in notes from critique partners and editors, to final work. They’ll even get to see how the pictures get revised and how my ideas came to life through illustrations. Students will have an opportunity to learn how they can publish a book at any age!

Both Workshops Include:
Read Aloud
Interactive Discussion
Q and A Session
Author Signing
Discounted prices on book orders for students


45 min. 2nd-6th grade

The New Me and More Than Words were written with character development and child safety in mind. With so many children/teens having smart phones with Internet access, the prevalence of predators has increased. We are learning now of websites and email campaigns bent on encouraging young people to hurt themselves or others even to the point of suicide. While this is not discussed in the presentation, I believe the theme of these books and presentation can help children avoid becoming victims of these predators and negative behavior. This program begins with an introduction to the theme of the books and some thought-provoking questions. Students will then be led in an interactive and engaging discussion about bullying, self-confidence and how to be a CONFIDENT KID. After a read aloud of More Than Words, students are welcome to ask questions.


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