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Houston, We Have A Location!

Yesterday, I found some confidence and was able to contact a few places to hold a book launch. As I called around to speak to different people, it became easier and easier. I had in mind the perfect location for my book launch, but was holding off until I got a response from the other places first. Well, needless to say, they all said no. Not because of anything related to me, just circumstantial reasons. Ironically, I was slightly excited that they had said no. That left me with one location remaining on my short list. Once I spoke with the owner of my perfect location, I felt so at ease. She made me feel so comfortable and did something the other 5 people I'd spoken to prior didn't do...she congratulated me on completing the book. After about 15 minutes, I had officially secured a place for my very fist book launch. Can you say "excited"?


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